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Money Matters Asset Recovery has built a hard-earned, solid reputation for professionalism and excellence in legal services. We keep a check on all the latest news and resources from the legal world to keep you informed about any pertinent issues. Check out our news updates to stay connected to the latest legal developments.

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Worst/ Best Case Scenario

Worst case: We get your paperwork and submit to it our attorneys and find out that the holding agency doesn’t owe you money or that it’s already permanently defaulted to them — possibly due to liens. In that case, because we didn’t collect for you, it wouldn’t cost you a cent. We bare 100% of the expenses, doing all the research and legwork. 

Best case: We find surplus funds due to you and it’s still waiting to be claimed. Our attorneys file your claim and manage the entire process. You focus on other things, and in 60 to 120 days we will call and say we are sending you a check. Best or worst case… YOU WIN!

Homeless Retired Veteran Learns He Has Surplus Funds from a Foreclosure

When money is owed, counties put almost no effort into locating former homeowners. They’re only required to send a notice to the homeowner’s last-known address at the time the foreclosure began — which is usually the very house the homeowner was forced to leave — and to publish an ad in a local newspaper, often one the homeowner has never heard of.

Texas Law

Sections 34.03 & 34.04 of the Texas Tax Code

Laws governing the disposition and claims of excess proceeds following a property tax lien foreclosure.

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